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Services to separating and divorcing spouses. 

Whether you need support negotiating a parenting plan, help to prepare for mediation, a voice of the child report, or coaching to work with your difficult Ex, you have found the right place. Caroline Felstiner MSW, RSW, AccFM, provides a comfortable and safe environment to have the difficult discussions needed to create a healthy family life after separation. 

Caroline can’t guarantee you will become friendlier with each other, but she will ensure you have a functioning, durable foundation for life in two homes.

If you are in the Toronto area and need a family mediator, co-parenting coach, voice of the child practitioner or parent co-ordinator arrange a free introductory call with Caroline. 

I am Caroline Felstiner and I am an accredited Family Mediator, a Collaborative Family Professional and a Registered Social Worker.

Throughout your discussions, I will keep you focused on your children’s needs and ensure you express your preferences and concerns making your parenting plan personal, clear and lasting. 

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