and learn how to end your marriage without court.

The decision to separate is the first of many important and emotional decisions you will be making over the coming weeks and months. There are a variety of ways separating couples can make the decisions necessary to restructure their lives. The process you choose should suit your goals, financial resources and the relationship you need to have with your spouse in the future.

Caroline Felstiner MSW, RSW, AccFM, provides a comfortable and safe environment to have the difficult or emotional discussions needed to prepare for your life after separation. You have a say in the decisions, making sure the plan you make fits well with your family life. Caroline can’t guarantee you become friendlier with each other, but she will ensure you have a functioning durable foundation for your future life in two homes.

I am Caroline Felstiner and I am an accredited Family Mediator, a Collaborative Family Professional and a Registered Social Worker.

Throughout your discussions, I will keep you focused on your children’s needs and ensure you express your preferences and concerns making your parenting plan personal, clear and lasting. 

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