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Caroline will not share your information unless there is risk of abuse or neglect of a child, risk of imminent harm to an adult or where she is required to do so by law. With your consent, Caroline will share information with your lawyers. More detailed information about the protection of your privacy and confidentiality is provided during your first meeting with Caroline. If you have questions about confidentiality please speak with Caroline.


Details on flat-fee mediation packages are available here. 

For pay-as-you-go mediation or collaborative law services Caroline’s fee is $280.00 per hour. Fees will be charged for time spent in appointments, answering lengthy emails or phone calls, and reviewing and drafting your parenting plan. Each parent pays fees for their individual appointments or lengthy email/phone calls. Fees for joint meetings are split between both parents unless you agree otherwise. No retainer is required although all clients must sign a credit card authorization. Fees are paid at each appointment.  There is a one-time $10 fee for each client to cover the charges associated with opening their file. Please discuss any concerns about paying your fees with Caroline. 

Caroline offers a reduced fee to two families at a time.  Please ask Caroline if she is accepting families at her reduced fee or if she has space on the reduced fee waiting list.

Voice of the Child services are paid on a flat-fee arrangement. A Voice of the Child Report for one child costs $1800 plus HST. Each additional child adds $700.00 (plus HST) to the total cost. 


Caroline maintains a mostly paperless office and will send you digital forms to complete.  There will be an “Agreement to Participate” in the specific service for which you engage Caroline. These “Agreements to Participate” detail the scope of your work with Caroline, the office policies and ending the process.  


At the end of your discussions Caroline provides you with a draft parenting plan detailing your decisions. You will review the plan with your lawyer and it will be incorporated into your Separation Agreement.

Caroline is happy to answer your questions.
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