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Services for Separating Families


Mediation is a way for you and your spouse to discuss parenting during and after separation. Caroline supports you in identifying the topics to be discussed, explaining your preferences, and reaching a resolution on the issues. Caroline drafts your Parenting Plan which is attached to your separation agreement. Caroline now offers mediation to Ontario parents on either a pay-as-you-go or flat-fee basis. 


Caroline provides coaching for parents taking the Parenting Without Conflict program offered by New Ways for Families. This program will teach flexible thinking, managing emotions, moderating behaviors and checking in with yourself. Parents learn these strategies through the online course and receive additional practice and reinforcement of the key skills from Caroline. Only one parent need participate in this proven program. 


Collaborative family law is a way of negotiating a separation agreement. You and your spouse retain collaborative lawyers and commit to respectful, fully informed discussions. As part of the collaborative team, Caroline guides you through conversations about your parenting arrangements and acts as a neutral professional, supporting lawyers and clients during challenging discussions. 


Caroline offers a one-time consultation to Ontario spouses who are beginning the separation process. Using clear language and knowledge gained over a dozen years, Caroline answers your most pressing questions.  This service is highly personal and can help you start the separation process on the right path.  Use this link for more information.  


Every parent Caroline has worked with believes they know and understand their child’s needs, and preferences. Yet, all parents she has worked with have some disagreement about those very things. Using evidence-based practice, Caroline creates a place for children and teens to talk about their separation-related lives. Hearing from your child helps you bridge gaps in your awareness, shines light on your blind spots, and affirms your strengths.


Caroline offers consultation services to parents struggling with specific separation-related issues. For example, Caroline will provide guidance on communication strategies after divorce; supporting children through change; working effectively with your lawyer, or introducing new partners successfully. Fees are charged on an hourly rate and an extended health insurance plan may cover the fees.

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