Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.”

 from Robin C. Sharma



Mediation is a way for you and your spouse to talk about parenting during and after separation. Caroline supports you to identify the topics to be discussed, explain your  preferences and to consider a variety of possible solutions to the issues. Caroline will draft a Parenting Plan and review it with you to ensure it accurately reflects the decisions you have made together.


Collaborative family law is a way of negotiating a separation agreement. You and your spouse retain collaborative lawyers and commit to respectful, fully informed discussions. As part of the collaborative team, Caroline guides you through conversations about your parenting arrangements. Caroline will also act as a neutral professional, supporting lawyers and clients during challenging discussions. Caroline ensures the process is balanced, emotions are managed and the negotiations are considerate and productive.


Every parent Caroline has worked with believes that they intimately know and understand their child’s needs, preferences and concerns. And yet, all of the parents she has worked with have some disagreement about those very things. Caroline meets with children and adolescents and uses evidence based practice so they are comfortable talking about their separation related experiences. Hearing from your child or teen helps you bridge gaps in your awareness, shines soft light on your blind spots and affirms your strengths.


Caroline offers brief consultation services to parents struggling with specific separation related issues. For example, Caroline will provide guidance on telling children about the separation/divorce; communication strategies after separation and divorce and introducing new partners successfully.