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FLAT-FEE Parenting Mediation is available in the Toronto area.

Mediation is a way for you and your former partner to plan for post-separation parenting with the support and guidance of a neutral professional. Caroline’s goal is to ensure that each parent feels heard and understood and has the information necessary to make important plans about parenting in the future. This document describes Caroline’s flat-fee service model. If you opt for the flat fee service model you will know your costs in advance and pay your fees in installments. If you prefer to use the hourly service option, it remains available. Either way, you will receive practical, skillful services.

  • Introductory Phone Call: This introductory call is required before you agree to flat fee parenting mediation. Caroline will assess if she is the mediator to work with you and you can ask questions about the process. There is no fee for this phone call.

  • Electronic Paperwork: To streamline the process and use your time and funds wisely you will be required to complete several forms and a worksheet using secure online links.

  • Agreement to Mediate: Before the start of your intake meetings, you will sign the Agreement to Mediate. This Agreement ensures you understand the limits of confidentiality; it identifies the purpose of mediation and, it explains other important policies. The Agreement to Mediate will be signed electronically.

  • Individual Intake Meetings: Caroline will arrange separate, confidential intake meetings with each parent. These meetings typically last 1 to 1.5 hours.

  • Mediation Sessions: Each mediation session is scheduled for 2 to 2.5 hours. Depending on the flat-fee package you select you will either have two or four mediation sessions. Caroline will keep track of any decisions you make during these mediation sessions.

  • Parenting Plan: Each flat-fee mediation package includes a parenting plan detailing the results of your mediation sessions. You will have a chance to clarify any misunderstandings and correct typos. The parenting plan is not binding until it is incorporated into a Separation Agreement or a court order.

  • Selecting a Package: Two flat fee mediation packages are available. The key difference between them is the number of mediation sessions included in the package rate. Both packages include individual intake appointments, mediation sessions, and a written parenting plan. Package A includes two mediation sessions and costs $3000 plus HST. Package B includes four mediation sessions and costs $4200 plus HST. If your family needs more sessions beyond what is provided in your chosen package, additional mediation sessions can be added and paid for on an hourly basis.

  • Paying Fees: Package fees will be paid in three equal installments and further work cannot be completed until the next installment is paid. The first payment is due before intake meetings occur, the second payment is due at the end of the first mediation session and the final payment is due before the parenting plan is released. Package fees are split equally between parents unless you agree otherwise.

Caroline will manage the intense emotions that make conversation difficult, guide you through the common topics included in a parenting plan, and share examples of what other families have tried. As parents, you jointly make decisions that are suitable for your family.

At all times mediation is a voluntary process. If you feel like stopping mediation, please discuss this with Caroline because she may be able to adjust the mediation process and improve the situation. You will never be pressured to continue.

Caroline provides closed mediation services. Your discussions during mediation are protected from the pressure or threat of being used in a court process. You are encouraged to consult with a lawyer before, during, and after mediation so you will make informed decisions.

There is no guarantee that you will reach a full agreement during the number of sessions included in your package so more sessions may be added if needed. The benefit of selecting a flat-fee package over the traditional hourly service is knowing what payments are required and when. The only notable disadvantage is if mediation ends before a parenting plan is complete, you may have paid more for the services you received than you would have if you had paid Caroline’s hourly rate for the same services. Caroline will discuss these possibilities during your initial phone call and will happily answer your questions.

No matter how you opt to pay for services, the steps in the mediation process and the quality of the services offered do not change. Caroline prides herself on providing a professional, effective, and comfortable mediation process to families and this will not change under any circumstance.

The chart below details the features of the two flat-fee service packages that Caroline offers.

If you have questions or comments, reach out.


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